Usha Ramlakhan, CEO

Usha Ramlakhan is a visionary leader and accomplished executive, recognized for her exceptional contributions to growth and development both personally and professionally. Usha has established herself as a forward thinker, trailblazer and a driving force behind organizational success.

As the CEO of Caribbean Institute for Security & Public Safety, Usha brings her extensive experience and strategic acumen to guide the company towards unprecedented growth and global recognition.

Usha's commitment to excellence and her passion for innovation have been instrumental in transforming the landscape of the industry. She is known for her ability to identify emerging trends, adapt quickly to evolving markets, and drive impactful change within organizations.

Throughout her career, Usha has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, fostering a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and continuous learning. She firmly believes in the power of building high-performing teams and nurturing talent, and she actively promotes diversity and inclusion at every level of the organization.

Prior to joining Caribbean Institute for Security & Public Safety, Usha held several key leadership roles at renowned companies, where she consistently delivered transformative strategies and spearheaded successful initiatives.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Usha is deeply committed to social responsibility and community engagement. She actively supports various philanthropic initiatives and strives to make a positive impact on society through her work and personal endeavors.

Usha holds two Masters from prestigious institutions and continues to enhance her knowledge through continuous education and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

As the CEO of Caribbean Institute for Security & Public Safety, Usha Ramlakhan is poised to lead the organization into an exciting era of growth, innovation, and continued success. Her exceptional leadership, combined with her unwavering dedication, makes her a true visionary and an invaluable asset to the company.


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