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Critical Elements of an Invetigative Report

 The culmination of the investigative work is in its Report. Therefore nothing must be spared in getting the Investigative Report perfect. A flawed report can be disastrous and can have severe negative consequences to an organisation and persons involved. Join us on January 25 for this interesting course about writing a professional investigative report. 


CCTV Certificate

Pt 1

CCTV Planning and Design


Increasingly, many organizations of all sizes wish to implement a CCTV system as a viable crime prevention and/or crime detection strategy.The critical course of training assists potential and existing CCTV users to consider or reconsider all of the necessary factors when planning and designing the best CCTV solution to solve their peculiar security and safety needs.

This takes place on Feb 1, 2020.

Pt. 2

CCTV Installation

This CCTV installation course, offers a blend of ‘need to know’ classroom theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience. Participants would get the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively in the electronic security sector.

 This takes place on Feb 8, 2020.


Pt. 3

CCTV Monitoring

 After a CCTV system has been designed and installed in an organisation, it is now time to let the equipment do what it ought to. But it is of little use if the CCTV equipment is just there recording information. For your CCTV system to be of any value, it must be monitored.

The main tasks of such persons are to use the CCTV system to monitor, track and record the activities of suspicious looking individuals and / or situations in both public places and private property. This is a powerful tool for crime prevention and detection in all segments of society.

This takes place on Feb 15, 2020.



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